IMG-services-neckGuitar Repairs


Roper Guitars has the experience you can trust for all of your fretted or stringed instrument repair needs. We service every type of guitar as well as banjos, mandolins, violins, upright bass, ukuleles, and everything in between.


Whether you just need a little tweak or a major repair, we are here for you. Come and talk with our staff about what you need from your instrument and let us help you achieve that – custom setups are the norm around here. And we aren’t happy until YOU are!



Roper Guitars specializes in electric and acoustic guitar and stringed instrument repairs. Our Luthiers have years of experience crafting and repairing fine instruments from almost any era and manufacturer.  We will keep your guitar in peak playing condition, and help you get the most out of your investment.







Our services include:

• Restring and instrument maintenance

• Setup, intonation, action and truss rod adjustment

• Bone nut and compensated saddle replacements

• Fret dressing and fret replacement

• Pickup installation, wiring customization

• Personalized upgrades and modifications

• Hardware and cosmetic enhancements

• Headstock and structural repair